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Therapeutic Gloves with Infrared technology

Therapeutic Gloves with Infrared technology

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Our Therapeutic Gloves with Infrared Technology are an innovative solution for those seeking natural relief from hand and wrist pain. Designed with 5000 bio-ceramic beads, our glove delivers far infrared radiation to all meridian acupoints located around the palm and wrist. This cutting-edge technology helps to promote blood circulation, improve cell oxygenation, and rejuvenate bone cells, resulting in improved mobility and reduced discomfort.

Our glove is particularly effective at addressing common ailments such as arthritis, inflammation, and carpal tunnel pain. Whether you're an athlete, musician, or someone who works with your hands, our Far Infrared Gloves are designed to provide natural relief without the use of harsh chemicals or medications.

Experience the difference for yourself and regain control of your hand and wrist health with our Far Infrared Gloves.


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