Bio-Ceramic FIR Therapeutics Scarf

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All Major Credit Card Accepted. FIR scarf, to keep your neck and throat warm, indoor or outdoor, FIR penetration and stimulation, resonates with blood molecules, created vibration, keep better blood circulation. Help to improve throat infection and coughing.

Bio-Ceramic FIR Therapeutics Scarf

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SKU : GG1082 Categories ,
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Made by GG special formula medical grade nano bio-ceramic printed on Spandex mesh fabric, it is our technology and know-how, each square inch fabric has 36 independent convex which can emit far infrared ray and magnetic wave, FIR radiation can penetrate into our dermis up to 4 cm, resonant with our cells, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and detoxification. The magnetic wave connected body magnetic field created magnetic therapy. Each convex can accurately deliver FIR and photons absorbed by photo acceptor molecules convert light into signals that stimulate biological process and meridian pressure points around human body break through all meridian channels, just like acupuncture therapy but no limitations. Our technology and know-how created a truly Western and Eastern combined nature therapy, non invasive, non side effect.

Made by FIR/ MAGNETIC spandex fabric, as a scarf to protect your neck, light weight, can be used by all seasons. Neck is very important to our health, so many modalities caused by neck nerves, even finger numb. Outdoor cold wind can cause neck problem, indoor cold air condition can cause neck pain, soreness, stiffness.

(1) Fengchi: In the depression of bilateral hairlines of the posterior head.

Main indications: cold, hypertension, headache, vertigo, tinnitus, rhinitis, insomnia, etc..

(2) Dazhui: In the depression under the seventh cervical spondylosis of the spine.

Main indications: fever, headache, cough, asthma, cervical spondylopathy, etc..

(3) Tianzhu: The lateral edge of the trapezius muscle in the posterior hairline on the posterior neck.

Main indications: vertigo, nasal obstruction, myopic eye, iaryngopharyngitis, hypertension, etc..

(4) Jianjing: In the depression of the highest point of the lateral end of the shoulder.

Main indications: cold, scapulohumeral periarthritis, mastitis, etc..

(5) Fengfu: 1 inch up straight the midpoint of the posterior hairline.

Main indications: headache, vertigo, encephalopathy, stroke, etc..

(6) Yamen: 0.5 inch of the midpoint of the hairline on the posterior neck.

Main indications: surdimutism, stroke, epilepsy, etc..

(7) Wangu: In the depression under the mastoid bone of the temporal bone in the posteroinferior auricular.

Main indications: insomnia, facial paralysis, cervical spondylopathy, etc..

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