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  • pats Harness

    Fir Magnetic Therapeutic Pets Harness


    We love our pet, when pet is n pain or unwell, we want to do every thing to help them feel better. Pets have the same basic physiology as human, sometimes suffer the same aches, pain and ailment. GREEN GRACE FIR MAGNETIC THERAPEUTIC HARNESS can emit far infrared radiations and magnetic, with deep penetration and magnetic flows to whole body , sometimes cell and produces significant in sin micro circulation, promotes better pets health.

    Pets do not tell us how they are feeling but we can provide prevention to protect them stay away from illness. FAR infrared radiation and magnetic are the best preventive medicine for human and animals. The new GREEN GRACE FIR MAGNETIC THERAPEUTIC HARNESS is an unique product to promote pets health. All natural, no side effect, can be used 24/7, effectiveness last year. Can be washed and dried by machine.

    GREEN GRACE FIR MAGNETIC THERAPEUTIC HARNESS made by very durable materials with reflective binding. Each size can be adjusted two inches at waist, give maximum comfort to pets.

  • Infrared Pets Vest


    Green Grace pets vest has 1500 to 15000 bio-ceramic beads depended the vest size, each bead emits far infrared radiation individually, can penetrate deep into pet’s body, absorb pet’s body heat and convert to far infrared heat reflecting back to pet’s body, stimulate pet’s natural immune system, created all benefits to pets.