Insomnia and Sleepness Disorders Management

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  • FIR Eyes and Nose Mask


    Made by FIR/MAGNETIC Spandex fabric with embossed form to fit eyes and nose. FIR radiation and MAGNETIC wave penetrate and stimulate to meridian pressure points. The mask has therapeutic effect to improve sleeping quality, headache, increase mitochondrial respiration, remove symptoms of allergic dry itchy eyes, stuffed itchy nose, running nose.

  • FIR/Magnet Therapeutic Head And Ears Cover


    Made by Spandex, breathable, durable, can be washed and dried by machine, the FIR and magnet last forever. Emit far infrared radiation and magnetic wave, PENETRATION and STIMULATION to all meridian pressure points around head and ears, specially the magnetic wave effect with all brain cells, detox the waste and toxin of brain cells and capillaries, dredge meridian, oxygenated brain cells. According Chinese medicine, ears have acupuncture pressure points reflect all internal organs, FIR/ MAGNETIC stimulation just like the effect of acupuncture, HEAD AND EARS COVER helps to improve insomnia, dementia, hypertension, preventing hair lose.

  • FIR/Magnet Therapeutic Hood


    Made by two layers thin spandex, each hood has 3000 bio-ceramic beads impregnate by silicon in spandex, emit infrared radiation and magnetic wave, penetration and resonance with blood cells, therapeutic effects improve blood circulation, oxygenated brain cells, improve dementia, insomnia

  • FIR/Magnet Therapeutic Wrist Brace


    Made by thin spandex, each pair has 1000 bio-ceramic beads impregnate in spandex, emitting infrared radiation and magnetic wave penetrate deep into dermis, the therapeutic effects, relief motion sickness and nausea, improve sleeping quality, remove carpel tunnel and wrist pain, improve constipation.

  • Magnetic FAR Infrared Ear Insert Patch (10 pieces patch pack)


    There are nearly 50 % adults population have the symptoms of ringing ear (TINNITUS) and dizziness due to inner ear problem (VERTIGO), according all medical research reports that no medicine can really cure these symptoms effectively.

    From our research and testing we found out our MAGNETIC FAR INFRARED EAR INSERT PATCH is very effective to relief ring ears and inner ears unbalanced. We want to provide TWO MAGNETIC FAR INFRARED EAR INSERT PATCH for adults to try, it is free, just send in a return envelope with postage.