Dennis Yang, Founder.

Dennis Yang came across Far Infrared Technology as the only real remedy when trying to find a solution to his elderly pains. After researching, he created Green Grace, to aid others.

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“Ten years ago, I started to have all the problems that come with being a senior, such as back pain, knee pain, inflammation, and most importantly I couldn’t sleep well. My wife took me everywhere and to every doctor to try to aid me. They would prescribe me medicine and it wouldn’t work. The medicines never helped me. My wife thought that acupuncture could help my sleeping problems, so we gave it a try. Just like the doctors, it didn’t help me. It was all BS. It seemed like there would never be a solution until one night when I was eating dinner with a couple and the wife told me about far infrared radiation. Again, I thought it was more BS until I put research into my own hands. After reading a study conducted by Fatma Vatansever and Michael R. Hamblin, I knew that it was the solution. So immediately, I found a supplier in Taiwan who would help me create a fabric that was light, breathable, and comfortable for other elderly people, like myself, to wear. And that was just the beginning of Green Grace.”