About Us

Green Grace USA is a vertical operation since 2014, has its own bio-ceramic emitting far infrared radiation know how and manufacturing. Green Grace USA far infrared clothing and accessories are created by the combination of Western and Eastern medicine science. It is a common knowledge that far infrared ray heat can promote blood circulation, metabolism and detoxing.

Our know-how bio-ceramic beads impregnated on mesh fabric deliver far infrared radiation individually to target locations. All powered by human body natural heat, does not need any external power source. Far infrared radiation penetrating 1.5 inches (4 cm) underneath skin, resonated with blood cells, carry out photo stimulation and photo bio modulation, benefiting neural cells, relieve pain, stiffness and rheumatoid arthritis, skin wound healing, reverse inflammation, treating autoimmune disorder, relieve side effects of cancer treatment.

Our products are thin and breathable, soft like second skin, can be washed and dried by machine. The far infrared radiation by bio-ceramic last a life time.

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