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Far Infrared Ray Products

Wear Sunlight Without Ultraviolet

About Us

Green Grace USA is a vertical operation has its own bio-ceramic, far infrared technology know how and manufacturing. Green Grace Far Infrared wearable clothing and accessories are a combination of Western and Eastern Preventive Medical Science. It is common knowledge that far Infrared heat can promote blood circulation, metabolism and detoxification, it is a must for human health. Our technology know how to deliver accurately far infrared ray to target area stimulate Chinese meridian and acupuncture points is the most effective natural therapy which has been proved by thousands under user. Our products are ultra thin, durable, breathable, machine washable, can be tumble dried, the far infrared ray emitted by biological ceramic last forever.
We have built a special far infrared pets vest, it is an unique preventive products which can enhance your pets immunity and improve their health condition. When pets getting old, they need far infrared heat to maintain their good life, far infrared ray penetration is the best alternative therapy to heal your pets illness. We are very proud to launch this far infrared wearable for our best friend.