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For Pets
    Face Beauty
      FIR Bedding Articles
        For Pregnancy and Post pregnancy
          Insomnia and Sleepness Disorders Management
            Weight Loss Management

              Price: $30.00




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              All Major Credit Card Accepted. Made by GG medical grade far infrared ray impregnated spandex mesh; Help the performance of sport and private life.

              Made by GG special formula medical grade nano bio-ceramic printed on Spandex mesh fabric, it is our technology and know-how, each square inch fabric has 36 independent convex which can emit far infrared ray and magnetic wave, FIR radiation can penetrate into our dermis up to 4 cm, resonant with our cells, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and detoxification. The magnetic wave connected body magnetic field created magnetic therapy. Each convex can accurately deliver FIR and photons absorbed by photo acceptor molecules convert light into signals that stimulate biological process and meridian pressure points around human body break through all meridian channels, just like acupuncture therapy but no limitations. Our technology and know-how created a truly Western and Eastern combined nature therapy, non invasive, non side effect.



              Made by FIR/MAGNETIC Spandex fabric with embossed form to fit eyes and nose. FIR radiation and MAGNETIC wave penetrate and stimulate to meridian pressure points: SHENTING( spirit court), YINTANG (hall of impression), TANYANG (great sun), JINGMING ( bright eyes), YINGXIANG (welcome fragrance). The mask has therapeutic effect to improve sleeping quality, headache, increase mitochondrial respiration, remove symptoms of allergic dry itchy eyes, stuffed itchy nose, running nose.

              1. Beihui  (Hundred Convergences), is one of the most important acupoint of the government vessel and of

                       the entire meridian acupoints, It is responsible for enhancing nitric oxide (NO) generation and increase

                       local circulation, it is also used for treating condition such as headache, stroke, dizziness and anxiety,

                       stimulates the central nervous system, release hormones that influence the body's self-regulation system.

                       These biochemical changes may stimulate the body's nature healing abilities and and promote physical

                       and emotion well-being.


               2. Shenting (Spirit Court), meeting point of the governing vessel with bladder and stomach channels, can

                      calm the minds, extinguishes interior wind, benefits the nose, nasal congestion, brightens the eyes.

                      Insomnia, poor memory, depression.


                 3. Yintang ( Hall of Impression)  Extraordinary point or inner vision, it is the third eye. Is at the center of

                      skull, between the two hemispheres of the brain where the thalamus, hypothalamus glands rest. Has the

                      power to dispel wind, calm Shen, benefit nose and alleviate pain.


                4.Taiyang (Great Sun), can calm and relaxes mind, relief headache due to excessive stress, tension and

                      emotion change, and migraines due to inflammation and severe pain.


               5. Chengqi (Tear Container), can expel wind from face, enlighten eyes, clear heat in the eyes.


               6. Jingming (Bright Eyes), can eliminate eye pain strain, itching, twitching, blur vision.


               7. Yingxiang (Welcome Fragrance), can help nasal discharge, any nose or sinus issue, nasal polyps, rhinitis,

                       sinusitis, allergies.


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