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              All Major Credit Card Accepted. Made by GG medical grade far infrared ray impregnated spandex mesh; Help the performance of sport and private life. Wine Liquor Water UPGRADER Innovation special formula far infrared ray elastic covers bottle over hours taste better smoother no change original contents

               GG1066  Wine Liquor Water UPGRADER

              Applied special formula medical grade Far Infrared Ray, is a subdivion of the electromgnetic spectrum, impregnated with spandex mesh can emit both side which penetrate glass bottle, stimulate water molecular and phenolic compounds, has better taste and smoother mouthfeel, does not change the original contents, has been tasted and amazed by wine and liquor lovers. The more time covered by UPGRADER the better taste and smoother mouthfeel.
              How does it work


              Grape wine use the grape fruit and skin, during fermentation, there are different kind chemical reactions, balance and hamony of acidity, sugar, salt and phenolic compounds, creates good wine. GG medical grade far infrared ray can penetrate the glass bottle, stimulates water molecular from small to micro, increases the phenolic compounds activities thus has better taste and smoother mouthfeel .
              Brandy, Whiskey and Liqour
              By fermentation and distillation, stored in oak barrel, aging and phenolic compounds activities are balanced. GG medical grade far infrared ray emission up to 96.7%, can panetrate glass bottle, stimulate water molecular and phenolic compounds which increase aging taste and mouthfeel, after a period of time covered by GG UPGRADER, even the color turns darker, just like the aging process in oak barrel. 

              Water molecular and far infrared ray resonante at 10 micron, far infrared ray energy absorbed by water, can kill bacteria. GG medical grade FIR can stimulate the water molecular from small to micro, optimal water taste and healthier natural nutrition to human body.

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