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For Pets
    Face Beauty
      FIR Bedding Articles
        For Pregnancy and Post pregnancy
          Insomnia and Sleepness Disorders Management
            Weight Loss Management

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              Made by special formula medical grade nano bio-ceramic printed on spandex mesh fabric, each square inch fabric has 36 independent bio-ceramic silicon beads which remit far infrared radiation and magnetic wave, can penetrate dermis 4 cm, resonant with cells, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolic and detoxing. The magnetic wave stimulates body magnetic field created magnetic therapy. Each bio-ceramic silicon bead can deliver individually infrared radiation stimulates biological process and acupoints around human body to break through all meridian channels. Our technology and know-how created a true Western and Eastern combined nature therapy,  no invasive, absolute no side effect..



              Made by Spandex, breathable, durable, can be washed and dried by machine,  the FIR and magnet last forever.Can emit far infrared radiation and magnetic wave, PENETRATION and STIMULATION to all pressure points around knee and the Spandex compression help to remove swelling, can rejuvenate bone cells, improve modalities.

              (1) External knee: In the knee at the flexion position, which is located at the depression of the patella and the lateral patellar ligament.

              Main indications: Motor system diseases, gonarthritis, knee nerve pain or numbness, dermatophytosis, lower limb paralysis, heel pain.

              (2)Internal knee: It belongs to the lower extremities acupoint of extra nerve points. In the depression of the medial patellar ligament at the flexion position.

              Main indications: Acthing pain of the knee joints, arthroncus of knee, leg pain and its surrounding soft tissue inflammation.

              (3) Zusanli : Four transverse finger widths of the external knee and tibial edge.

              Main indications: Stomach pain, vomiting, abdominal distension, borborygmus, indigestion, flaccidity of the lower limbs, diarrhea, constipation, dysentery, malnutritional stagnation, madness, stroke, dermatophytosis, edema, numbness of the lower extremities, palpitation, shortness of breath, and vacuity taxation with marked emaciation. This acupoint is able to treat a wide range of indications as one of the strong acupoints of the whole body. It can adjust the immune function of the body and possess the function of preventing patients away from diseases.

              (4)Weizhong : The midpoint of popliteal stripes in human body, and in the median position of biceps femoris tendon and semitendinosus tendon.

              Main indications: Acute gastroenteritis, heatstroke, low back pain, and acute lumbar sprain, etc..

              (5)Xuehai : On the inside of the thigh, 2 inches above the medial end of the patellar base, and in the eminence of the medial head of quadriceps femoris. The acupoint can be determined with the knee kept in the flexion position.

              Main indications: 1) Menoxenia; 2) urticaria; 3) knee pain; 4) scrotal eczema and tinea cruris.

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