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For Pets
    Face Beauty
      FIR Bedding Articles
        For Pregnancy and Post pregnancy
          Insomnia and Sleepness Disorders Management
            Weight Loss Management

              Price: $30.00




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              All Major Credit Card Accepted Far Infrared Socks can be used for increased circulation, pain relief, and relief from tarsal tunnel syndrome, numbness, sprains, swelling and more. Far-infrared rays can stimulate the human hyperplastic enzyme (enzyme) to produce more nitric oxide and satisfy the needs of cell life. In traditional Chinese medicine, the radiological energy intensity of Green Grace far-infrared rays can stimulate acupoints deeply to make the blood flow unobstructed, similar to acupuncture, which can cure and prevent the pain from being in the bud.

              Made by special formula medical grade nano bio-ceramic printed on spandex mesh fabric, each square inch fabric has 36 independent bio-ceramic silicon beads which remit far infrared radiation and magnetic wave, can penetrate dermis 4 cm, resonant with cells, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolic and detoxing. The magnetic wave stimulates body magnetic field created magnetic therapy. Each bio-ceramic silicon bead can deliver individually infrared radiation stimulates biological process and acupoints around human body to break through all meridian channels. Our technology and know-how created a true Western and Eastern combined nature therapy,  no invasive, absolute no side effect.




              Heat can increase intensity of  far infrared  ray, created more effectiveness of  thermal therapy. Even cancerous cell can not survive when the temperature is over  42 degree C, high infrared heat to stimulate meridian pressure points is similar to moxibustion but more effective.GG FIR heat therapy bag is an one-of-kind medical device, can be heated by microwave. Stuff with cotton towel, soaked with water, heated by microwave 2-3 minutes, became a very powerful heat therapy device, follow the illustration to apply on acupuncture points, specially the Zu San Li, according to Chinese medicine, do 3 times a day can prolong life span. FIR heat can improve immunity to fight illness. 

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