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About us

Buy Far Infrared Rays ProductsFar Infrared Yoga Pants, Far Infrared Mask, Far InfraredGloves, Far infrared products, FIR compressionbinder, FIR head ear cover, Far infrared ankle socks, Infrared leg warmerOnline at Green Grace USA.

Green Grace USA is a vertical operation, has its own bio-ceramic, far Infrared technology know-how and manufacturing. Green Grace FAR INFRARED MAGNETIC wearable clothing and accessories are a combination of Western and Eastern preventive medicine science. Made by GG special formula medical grade nano bio-ceramic printed 6 layers on spandex mesh fabric, each square inch has 36 independent convex which emits far infrared radiation and magnetic wave can penetrate deep into dermis, resonant with cells, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism and detoxification, improve immunity. Magnetic wave and our body magnetic field created magnetic therapy. Each convex can deliver accurately FIR and Magnetic to all median pressure points around whole body promote healthier life, all natural, non invasive, no side effect, has been proved by thousands under users. Breathable, soft, can be washed and dried by machine. Far infrared and magnetic last forever.


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